The Valentines are a group of incredibly mysterious and powerful Gears from the Backyard. Currently there are only four known Valentines: Valentine, Ramlethal Valentine, Elphelt Valentine, and Jack-O' Valentine.


The Valentines are all copies of Aria, a progenitor of the original Gear Project and Frederick's lover. It is believed that they come from the Universal Will, a.k.a. Sanctus Maximus Populi Ariels. Jack-O' is an exception to this as That Man is responsible for creating her, using a copy of Justice's warped memories as basis for her creation.


  • There are four known Valentines.
  • At the end of Guilty Gear 2 Overture, That Man tells Raven that millions of Valentines are being born everyday.
  • Jack-O' is considered a Valentine due to being a clone of Justice and being created by a similar method, despite having no affiliation with the Universal Will.
  • While it is stated multiple times in-game that Valentines are incapable of feeling emotion, all four of the currently known Valentines have been shown to express emotions.