I'm not sure if only one character is going to win the Japanese poll. In the character select screen, there are two gaps right next to each other that may be room for two characters.

70% one of them is going to be Bridget, since I see a lot of Japanese fanart of him, and yes, even shipped with Bedman because they are both shotas.

The other one... I really hope it's going to be Zappa. I wanna see his Xrd style and his English voice. I don't imagine him talking full Australian, though... For Bridget, maybe someone like Tony Babcock or Denise Oliver, most likely Tony because he voiced Takanosuke Shishiya in the English dub of Beyblade: Shogun Steel(Zero-G), and looks similar to Bridget. Sakyo looks similar to A.B.A.

I also still can't get over the fact that Hikaru Midorikawa voiced Bedman, Zelgadis AND Dynamis! All lilac-haired babies!

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