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  • LondonEVOLVED

    You know Dizzy's role in -REVELATOR-? Well, Faust and Chronus also had that talk in the end of -SIGN- about this person who was behind all of this.

    It's definitely NOT That Man, in my opinionated theory. Why, you ask? Well, he decided to fight alongside Sol, to destroy the Cradle. And it was said that Raven would fight alongside to... Which probably makes Jack-O' not that big of a threat, since her role would probably just be small. I-No on the other hand, is just a cynical woman, but she will help the gang as well, since I've seen pictures of her with Sol, Sin, and Ramlethal.

    The real one behind this? I hate to say it, but it's mah boi, Bedman. His role is "similar to That Man's" it seems... So maybe he contacted all of the gears... No, it'…

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  • LondonEVOLVED

    I'm not sure if only one character is going to win the Japanese poll. In the character select screen, there are two gaps right next to each other that may be room for two characters.

    70% one of them is going to be Bridget, since I see a lot of Japanese fanart of him, and yes, even shipped with Bedman because they are both shotas.

    The other one... I really hope it's going to be Zappa. I wanna see his Xrd style and his English voice. I don't imagine him talking full Australian, though... For Bridget, maybe someone like Tony Babcock or Denise Oliver, most likely Tony because he voiced Takanosuke Shishiya in the English dub of Beyblade: Shogun Steel(Zero-G), and looks similar to Bridget. Sakyo looks similar to A.B.A.

    I also still can't get over t…

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  • LondonEVOLVED

    Ok, Xrd fans seem to notice the Revelator character select, with Johnny and Jack-o as new playables. I'm glad Johnny is back, and Jack-o seems to be pretty cute, and she's also the final spy for That Man. BUT, in the character select, there is one more spot in the bottom right corner, the opposite direction of Faust.

    If Baiken is the last character, then Anji Mito would probably be on there too. Dizzy is a Jellyfish pirate and Ky's wife AND the daughter of Justice, which is a bit akward for my taste.

    Zappa is clearly going to be the final character, unless there is a new character. OR Chronus, which at the end of Sign's story, he was talking to Faust. Left off with Zappa, his main goal was to find a doctor in XX. Faust was obviously that doc…

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