Ggxxac am in
Midnight Carnival
is Boss I-No's theme.

N.Y. Vocal Version Edit

Warning Warning: This section contains inappropriate words

From the pit of the shadow
comes my soul, fucking prepared to consume
Ever thirsting for violence
Spawn again, rising straight out of Hell's womb

AHHH, fall down upon your knees
crushed by mere despair!
Come, lay down your head, sweet child
or fool, fucking fight me if you dare!

In your gods you seek guidance
forgiveness, salvation, and release
Fuck that shit, They're not here
Sick religions will find you no peace

Rage, destruction and death
This true Trinity!
Existence is futile
so give your soul to me! Oh yeah!

Rise up above the darkness, don't lose hope
and never relinquish the light!
you are the one, with all the power to
endure to the end of the fight

So raise your head, your heart up to the sky
and search for the strength from within
to find an end you must first begin!

False illusions of grandeur
bring you nothing but seething, pain
In my shadow shall you die
Leave this world to the terror of my reign

AHHH, fall down upon your face
crushed by mere despair!
Down upon your belly worm
or rise and fucking fight!


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