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Sol Badguy's Command List.

Punch - Punch
Kick - Kick
Slash - Slash
Heavy Slash - Heavy Slash
Dust - Dust
Respect - Respect

Notes on moveset:

  • The Gun Flame was originally introduced as a full-screen crawling flame, but has since been re-vamped as limited-range ground eruptions.
  • Bandit Revolver and Tyrant Rave animation altered since GGX, with the former being originally a tumbling twisting leg kick in the first GG game, and Tyrant Rave adding a punch before the upwards swing (said punch would go on to be the animation for Fafnir).
  • Tataki Otoshi, Ground Viper, Riot Stamp, Bukkirabou ni Nageru, and new standing Heavy Slash (with hold standing Heavy Slash being Right + Heavy Slash), all added since GGX.
  • Volcanic Viper LVL.3 Charge Version re-purposed as Heavy Slash version for Sol's Dragon Install state since GGX.
  • Instant Kill changed from All Guns Blazing to Napalm Death since GGX.
  • Gun Flame Feint, Bandit Bringer, Fafnir, and Tyrant Rave ver. Beta added since XX. Original Tyrant Rave replaced by ver. Beta. Gun Flame and Bandit Revolver now are both powered up to Level 3 Charge versions while in Dragon Install state as well since XX.
  • Sidewinder added since Slash. Can inflict Clean Hit.
  • Dragon Install now prolongs itself as Sol nears death, and decreases his stun resistance, automatically increases tension, ends automatically when knocked down, and cannot be performed twice, all since Slash.
    • Right Down Down-Right Right input enabled for Bandit Revolver (since Slash) due to overlapping with Bukkirabou ni Nageru/Wild Throw.
  • Fafnir now a Force Break since Accent Core; Grand Viper animation changed; Dragon Install Second added; Grand Viper and Fafnir along with Sidewinder can now inflict Clean Hits, all since Accent Core. Sidewinder can inflict more damage from amount of Clean Hits landed.
    • Grand/Ground Viper can now be mashed for more hits with both left and right directions and all buttons save for Dust, enabling a free Clean Hit (can Clean Hit off of other situations however such as a juggle). However, it is now also possible to button mash too much and prevent getting a sure Clean Hit off of Grand/Ground Viper before the final blow (so it must be button mashed enough until the final blow occurs).
  • Tyrant Rave ver. Alpha/Original (from GG and GGX) can now be done from Fafnir as an Overdrive-style Force Break.
  • Accent Core Plus R adds in Force Break version Sidewinder (which can Clean Hit nearly anywhere on the opponent's hurtbox) and re-adds normal version Fafnir with new hit effects (cannot Clean Hit unlike the FB version) and combo-ability, all while keeping the Force Break version.
    • Accent Core Plus R also enables Bandit Bringer to inflict a Clean Hit, and changes its properties on normal hit into the original ground bounce pre-Accent Core.
  • Tyrant Rave ver. Alpha can now since Accent Core Plus R inflict more damage based on the amount of Clean Hits. The motion input is also changed from Left Right to Right Left. Can also now delay the attack.
    • Can also now perform Tyrant Rave ver. Alpha from either version of Fafnir, normal or FB version.
  • Accent Core Plus R also adds in Slam (or just another version of Tataki Otoshi), a standalone version of Knockdown with extra properties.
Type Command Name
Special Down Down-Right Right + Punch Gun Flame
Down Down-Left Left + Punch Gun Flame Feint
Right Down Down-Right + Slash or Heavy Slash (mid-air also) Volcanic Viper
Down Down-Left Left + Kick during Volcanic Viper Tataki Otoshi (Knockdown)
Down Down-Left Left + Slash (Tap buttons plus Left and Right save for Dust repeatedly for more hits) Grand/Ground Viper
Down Down-Right Right + Kick (mid-air also) Bandit Revolver
Down Down-Right Right + Kick (Hold) Bandit Bringer
Down Down-Left Left + Kick Riot Stamp
Right Down Down-Right + Kick (while near opponent) Bukkirabou ni Nageru/Wild Throw (Blunt Tossing)
Left Down-Left Down Down-Right Right + Heavy Slash Fafnir
Down Down-Right Right + Heavy Slash in mid-air Sidewinder
Down Down-Left Left + Kick in mid-air after activating Dragon Install Slam/Tataki Otoshi (Knockdown)
Personal Move Right + Punch N/A
Right + Heavy Slash N/A
Force Break Left Down-Left Down Down-Right Right + Dust Fafnir
Right Left + Dust during Fafnir (Hold to delay) (Counts as an Overdrive Attack) Tyrant Rave ver. α
Down Down-Right Right + Dust in mid-air Sidewinder
Overdrive Right Down-Right Down Down-Left Left Right + Heavy Slash Tyrant Rave ver. β
Down Down-Left Left Down Down-Left Left + Slash Dragon Install
Down Down-Left Left Down Down-Left Left Down Down-Left Left Down Down-Left Left + Punch + Heavy Slash (consumes entire Tension Gauge) Flame Distortion/Dragon Install Second
Instant Kill Punch Kick Slash Heavy Slash > Down Down-Right Right Down Down-Right Right + Heavy Slash Napalm Death

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