Raven's Command List.

Punch - Punch
Kick - Kick
Slash - Slash
Heavy Slash - Heavy Slash
Dust - Dust
Respect - Respect

Guilty Gear 2: OvertureEdit

Type Command Name
Special Y Traurig Zeiger
(Woeful Needle)
Up + Y (during lock-on) Schmerz Berg
(Painful Mountain)
Left or Right + Y (during lock-on)
(three consecutive inputs available)
Kreisen Weh
(Circling Hurt)
Y during a jump Gebrechlich Licht
(Fragile Light)
Skill Instantly teleports you behind the lock-on target. If a target isn't locked on, you reappear at that spot. While unleashing this skill, you can make specific attack moves. Soko ja Nai
(Not There)
Sets up a slowfield on the ground. Enemy units that walk on it will suffer a slower movement speed. Fesseln Wimper
(Binding Lash)
Temporarily reduces the movement speed of your target. Ledig Blick
(One Glance)
Summons a mobile-type minion. Its attack move is to steal tension from the locked-on opponent. Schwarz Wolken
(Black Clouds)
Overdrive X + Y Verzweifelt

Guilty Gear Xrd: RevelatorEdit

Type Command Name
Special Down Down-Right Right + Punch Schmerz Berg
(Painful Mountain)
Down Down-Right Right + Punch or Kick during a jump Gebrechlich Licht
(Fragile Light)
Down Down-Right Right + Slash (air ok) Grausam Impuls
(Gruesome Impulse)
Down Down-Right Right + Heavy Slash (air ok) Scharf Kugel
(Sharp Sphere)
Down Down-Left Left + Kick (can be held) Koko ni Saretai
(I Want It Here!)
Right Down-Right Down Down-Left Left + Slash or Heavy Slash Wachen Zweig
(Guarding Branch)
Command Normal Left + Punch N/A
Down + Kick during a jump N/A
Overdrive Down Down-Left Left Down Down-Left Left + Heavy Slash Getreuer
Right Down-Right Down Down-Left Left Right + Slash (air ok) Verzweifelt
Instant Kill Punch Kick Slash Heavy Slash > Down Down-Right Right Down Down-Right Right + Heavy Slash Sehnsucht

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