Character DesignEdit

Ra-Ki are small humanoid creatures that walk hunched over.  They have sharp elbows that they use to stab and slice opponents with.  They are first found in a red color, though later on grey colored Ra-Kis appear in Stage 3-4.



Ra-Kis appear mostly in Stage 3-2, the underground lab. They can be seen crawling up the wall beyond the glass windows, then leaping through the windows to reach and attack the player.  They can later be found in Stage 3-4, alongside grey colored Ra-Kis that will try to slow down the player from escaping the area before the timer goes down all the way.  Ra-Ki later appears as a playable character in Guilty Gear RoA.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Ra-Kis attack with their sharp elbows, and can also shoot out small spikes from their arms as well.

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