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An excellent bodyguard unit, making it nearly impossible for the enemy to fight uninterrupted. Very high speed. Switches to a dedicated ranged combat stance, giving it knockback resistance and faster attacks, and 1.25 damage. The stance change ability can be locked with a Mouth Zipper.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • AT1: Rush attack. Proximity mode only. 60 damage (80 critical), up to 5 units hit.
  • AT2: Ranged stance only. 60 damage.
  • ASkill "Bisected For Your Sins": Proximity mode knockdown, 40 damage, to 10 targets. It has a 10 sec cooldown.
  • PSkill: 50% chance of critical hits for bonus damage.
  • ASkill "Ranged Stance": Goes into immobile shooting mode when near enemy targets. It has a 30 second duration, 30 second cooldown.



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