Battle QuotesEdit

Guilty Gear XrdEdit

  • "You won't even have time to blink." (Intro)
  • "I guess there's no way around this..." (Intro)
  • "Still over there?"
  • "Not yet!"
  • "I almost feel sorry!"
  • "Stay out of my way." (Winger)
  • "Begone!" (Emerald Rain)
  • "Is this too much?" "Well fought. I'm impressed." (Instant Kill)
  • "Now die!" You need to learn when to quit!" (Instant Kill)
  • "Let's get a little rough!" I never wanted this." (Instant Kill)
  • "You should give up." (Instant Kill)
  • "Hey! Stop, this isn't funny! P-please you're going to kill me!" (May's Instant Kill)
  • "Rejected!"
  • "Adorable!"
  • "This look is in this year."
  • "This can't be real!" (Millia/Zato-1/Venom's Instant Kill)
  • "You're not fun." (Round Win)
  • "Please, don't hold back!" (Round Win)
  • "You're too careless."  (Round Win)
  • "Still thinking it over?" (Round Win)
  • "You should pay attention." (Victory)
  • "You don't get it, do you?" (Victory)
  • "You really weren't that bad, I guess." (Victory)
  • "You're open." (Victory)

Arcade QuotesEdit

Guilty Gear XX Edit

  • Sol Badguy: Were you trying to help me? I may not have another chance. For now, I thank you.
  • Ky Kiske: I mean you no disrespect, but... Can't you take this a little more seriously?
  • Dizzy: Good thing for me you're not accustomed to battle... Your potential is unbelievable.
  • Chipp: So fast...
  • I-No: Don't you just hate chicks like that? All talk and no prowess.
  • Kliff: No matter how old they are... all men care about is size
  • Justice: My hair... It's ruined!
  • Johnny: You're always SO confident... Ugh, I can't stand it!
  • Jam: Abandoning your dream so easily? Maybe giving up is a smart move.
  • Eddie: You make me sick when your face flickers like that. If you're dead, then get yourself buried already.
  • Baiken: You're too emotional. You've got to be more alert or you'll never catch me off-guard.
  • Axl: Don't stare at me like that!
  • Anji: You're a sore loser to the end. I kind of like that.
  • Bridget: Be careful with that thing. It doesn't look like a toy meant for a child.
  • Faust: Not to make you feel better, but... It's never too late to just start over from scratch, you know.
  • May: What pure eyes... I hope you never lose that quality.
  • Potemkin: What a solid guy...
  • Robo-Ky: An assassin is an unfeeling machine. That's what I was taught back then... but that just doesn't cut it anymore.
  • Slayer: Don't pity me; I chose this path. After I fulfill my goal, then I can start worrying about regret.
  • Testament: Don't move... If you remain still, you can go quickly and easily...
  • Venom: Aren't you his right-hand man? I'm going to kill him, you know. Try not to hold a grudge, pal.
  • Zappa: I've often been told I have bad luck with men, but this is strange. When we look at each other, our eyes don't meet.
  • Millia: Do you know how hard I worked to become this powerful? It didn't just happen overnight.

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