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Leo Whitefang is a character introduced in the console version of Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-.


Leo is one of the three “Allied Kings” of the Allied Kingdom of Illyria. He shared a friendly rival’s relationship with Ky Kiske, whom he was once good friends with during the Crusade Era. His battle capabilities and leadership are said to be so outstanding that, one time, while facing the dangers of being annihilated in the battlefront, he managed to lead his unit back to safety. Due to his disorderly way of speaking, he might seem like an open-hearted man, but he’s actually rather conservative. He has a high self-esteem and hates losing, as well has a strong hate of teleportation attacks like Bedman's, and he’s also a hard worker who always gives it his all, although he did care for his men's safety, knows of kids just being kids like May.

He also seems to fear his older sister, referring to her as a Devil in his dictionary.


One third of the triumvirate ruling Illyria. He's an old acquaintance of Ky's from the Crusades, during which they became friends and rivals. Once faced with the threat of annihilation on the frontlines, he proved his combat and leadership skills by leading his unit to survival. His raucous tone may give the impression that he lacks guile, but he's actually very discrete. He's proud and a sore loser, but he's also a hard worker, always willing to put in a little more effort. He created his very own dictionary, and privately enjoys adding people and incidents to the definitions of existing words. (For example, his sister's name is recorded under "devil.")

He had a discussion with Dr. Paradigm, and the President discuss about a sudden attack of Justice's Gears after Ramlethal Valentine has been apprehended, then hires Johnny for a special job against Senato and Bedman, during an trap plan against Justice.

After the plan fail as That Man is captured by Bedman, then Justice, Senato and their goons are appeared. Leo, Ky and Sin are defending the castle while Dr. Paradigm and Dizzy try to boost up their magic to eliminate Justice (controlled by Chronus). When Sin and Ky are split from Leo, Elphelt arrive to assist Leo. However, Leo witnesses Elphelt's fighting capacity reaches too much limits if she keeps fighting more, as she begans to lost memories and turned into a killing machine, set up by an unknown villain whom hired Bedman, leading Leo lost contact with his allies and tried to defend himself from a mindless Elphelt.

In a final chapter, Leo signals his allies about Elphelt's current states.

References and AllusionsEdit

  • Leo's name and surname are a reference to Danish/American band White Lion.
  • Unsurprisingly, Leo's motif is based on the lion, known as a symbol of strength, pride and courage, as well as a symbol of royalty, things Leo is known for.

Musical ThemesEdit

  • Stolz - Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-

Character QuotesEdit

  • "Grave crimes deserve...?"
  • "Petty crime deserves..."
  • "Yes! And only I may pardon!"
  • "Who am I?"
  • "Am I important?"
  • "WRONG! I'm SUPER important!"
  • "Who dares stand against me?"
  • "Who challenges me?"
  • "WRONG! Both are fools!"
  • "Feast on this!"
  • "You pest!"
  • "Remain silent!"
  • "Mind your manners!"
  • "Take my blades, harder than any steel..."
  • "And add to their strength my dignity and my grace!"
  • "Windrad des Weltrum!"
  • "You've seen my power. Forget pride and just bow out."
  • "I'm just tying my shoes!"
  • "I'm raising taxes for this!"
  • "Whenever you're ready. I'm feeling magnanimous today." (Match Win)
  • "A non-issue." (Match Win)
  • "These royal blades are ten times stronger than any other!"
  • "My strength is ten times that of any other men!"
  • "Since I feel generous I'll DOUBLE their multiplied power, for 200 times the force!"
  • "Take a break. This may be a duel, but I don't want to you hurt."
  • "A lion always hunts with 100% of its strength!"
  • "Your very genes remember that terror!"
  • "Every human knows in their soul to run in fear when the LION BEARS HIS FANGS!"
  • "Well done, an impressive display for an ordinary citizen."
  • "There are only two entries in my dictionary for intimitatable: Your mother's apple pie, and my skill." (Victory 1)
  • Attempting to analyze your defeat would be an utter waste of time. The truth is painfully simple: You lost because you aren't me." (Victory 2)
  • "Put it back! Ky already fill this ninch!" (Faust's Instant Kill reaction)
  • "Wait!! That's NOT the Elphelt you once knew!!"
  • "Almost as dandy as me..." (Slayer's Instant Kill reaction)
  • "I struggle with nothing! Now release me!" (Sin's Instant Kill reaction)
  • "Not happening! But you're authorized to hold back!" (Sin's Instant Kill reaction)
  • "Hah! Pain? I'd sooner faint than admit that hurts!" (Sin's Instant Kill reaction)
  • "This is...? Ah... wait-?!" "This does seem a tad excessive, but what else would one expect from children? Very well then, aim for the moon! I'll show you the wisdom of age!" (May's Instant Kill reaction)
  • "I have to ask---is this the canon made for the royalty?" Stand back, children. I am a gentleman of such high calibur that his cannon may explode when it attempts to fire me! I would hate for you to be hit by the debris!" (May's Instant Kill reaction)
  • "A-At last I will have a bride!" (Elphelt's Instant Kill reaction)
  • "My subjects, I give you...OUR QUEEN!" (Elphelt's Instant Kill reaction)
  • "All of Illyria will rejoyce!" (Elphelt's Instant Kill reaction)
  • "What's happening to me!?" (Venom's Instant Kill reaction)
  • "How many times must I tell you? No pickles!" (Bedman's Instant Kill reaction to "The deepest parts of [his] psyche")
  • "Don't you die on me! That's an order!!" (Bedman's Instant Kill reaction)
  • "He's surpassed me? No! I refuse to believe it!" (Bedman's Instant Kill reaction)
  • "Feel the burn!"



  • Leo's nickname for Ky Kiske is Bambino, which is italian for baby. In fact, he claims his dictionary has a picture of Ky next to Problem Child's entry.
  • Leo's English voice actor, Jamieson Price, also voiced Raven in Guilty Gear 2: Overture. He also provides the voice for Iron Tager in English in Arc System Works' BlazBlue series.
    • His voice actor combination is also the very same as the portrayal of the historical figure Lu Bu in Koei Tecmo's Dynasty Warriors series as of their fifth installment.
  • All of Leo's moves and his theme/leitmotif are written in German.


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