Leo Whitefang is a character introduced in the console version of Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-. Leo is one of the three “Allied Kings” of the Allied Kingdom of Illyria, governing over twenty nations in the European and Asian regions. He shares a friendly rivalry with the First King Ky Kiske.[1]

Character Design Edit

Leo is a very tall and somewhat rugged-looking man with shoulder-length, unkempt blond hair, a beard, and blue eyes. The jacket he wears is much more sophisticated than his fellow Kings' outfits as an orange, fur-laced coat bearing several belts and crosses. Each pant leg also has a cross to match the jacket.

His weapons, dual greatswords held from the underside, are capable of harnessing powerful energy that can be launched in waves. These blades have been shown to shrink down to a more portable size to be placed on his waist, or they can even take alternate shapes, such as a lion's face as shown in his Instant Kill.

Personality Edit

Leo has a rather boisterous attitude and he tends to come off as the type to shoot first, ask questions later. However, he is exceptionally cautious, always trying to see things from different perspectives.[2]

His pride is far higher than the average man's and hates losing. To compensate for this hatred, he is constantly and overwhelmingly intimidating. Of course that doesn't mean he's arrogant, at least not in aggregate: he is a harsher critic of himself than he is of anyone else.

He is in the process of writing his own dictionary, and tends to redefine words as he sees fit. For example, uses the words 'problem child' to describe Ky.[3]


Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Edit

During the events of Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, he had a discussion with Dr. Paradigm, and the President discuss about a sudden attack of Justice's Gears after Ramlethal Valentine has been apprehended, then hires Johnny for a special job against The Conclave and Bedman, during a trap plan against Justice.

After the plan fail as That Man is captured by Bedman, then Justice, The Conclave, and their goons appear. Leo, Ky and Sin are defending the castle while Dr. Paradigm and Dizzy try to boost up their magic to eliminate Justice (controlled by Chronus). When Sin and Ky are split from Leo, Elphelt arrive to assist Leo. However, Leo witnesses Elphelt's fighting capacity reaches too much limits if she keeps fighting more, as she begans to lost memories and turned into a killing machine, set up by an unknown villain who hired Bedman, leading Leo lost contact with his allies and tried to defend himself from a mindless Elphelt.

In the final chapter, Leo signals his allies about Elphelt's current states.

Guilty Gear Xrd REVELATOR Edit

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Guilty Gear Xrd REV2: After Story A Edit

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References and AllusionsEdit

  • Leo's name and surname are a reference to Danish/American band White Lion.
  • Unsurprisingly, Leo's motif is based on the lion, known as a symbol of strength, pride, courage, and royalty.

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Musical ThemesEdit

  • Stolz - Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-

Character QuotesEdit

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  • Leo's nickname for Ky Kiske is Bambino, which is italian for baby. In fact, he claims his dictionary has a picture of Ky next to Problem Child's entry.
  • Leo's English voice actor, Jamieson Price, also voiced Raven in Guilty Gear 2: Overture. He also provides the voice for Iron Tager in English in Arc System Works' BlazBlue series.
    • His voice actor combination is also the very same as the portrayal of the historical figure Lu Bu in Koei Tecmo's Dynasty Warriors series as of their fifth installment.
  • All of Leo's moves and his theme/leitmotif are written in German.


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