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Guilty Gear XrdEdit

  • "Restraint would be unwise."
  • "To a fine duel."
  • "I have lost my Thunderseal... not my skills of a sword."
  • "Please... a moment of your time." (Intro vs. Sol Badguy)
  • "How foolish. One does not sit long on the throne with a dull blade!"
  • "I have responsibilities I must be ready to give my life for. I cannot let my pride or my skills languish."
  • "Take this!"
  • "Stun Edge!"
  • "To resort to this!"
  • "This is my full strength!"
  • "You won't escape!"
  • "I can see you!"
  • "I have you!"
  • "Embrace the light! Ride the LIGHTNING!"
  • "They are modest to greed, generous to the truth of the world. When the heart is peaceful the seven seas cry."
  • "Rising Force!"
  • "I strike!"
  • "By biding your time, you have lost it."
  • "He who strikes first strikes last."
  • "I should never have let it gone this far."
  • "A close match."
  • "Perhaps, next time."
  • "Stay vigilant."
  • "You still must master focus."
  • "Good! We must do this again."
  • "Choose your opponents with care... Or suffer again."
  • "You demanded the entirety of my strength."
  • "At last... I have defeated you." (Instant Kill, final round vs. Sol Badguy)
  • "Sol, victory is mine." (Win vs. Sol Badguy)
  • "This is all I have!"
  • "How could this be...?"
  • "Such beauty!" (Slayer's Instant Kill)
  • "What a gentlemen..." (Slayer's Instant Kill)
  • "Such elegance..." (Slayer's Instant Kill)
  • "I will weather this storm gladly!" (Sin's Instant Kill)
  • "This is incredible..." (Sin's Instant Kill)
  • "There is still much yet for me to learn about this world." (Faust's Fists of Annihilation)
  • "The leader must take responsibility for-- wait! Stop right there! I'm not finished speaking! ..Did I actually win?" (Win vs. Slayer)
  • "A fine bout."
  • "Good, we should this again."

Arcade QuotesEdit

Accent CoreEdit

  • Order-Sol: Those clothes...! Haven't you insulted me enough!?
  • Sol Badguy: What are you thinking about!? Our fight should be the only thing on your mind right now!
  • Self: Impersonating an officer, are you? Sorry, but my men won't be deceived by you.
  • A.B.A.: You should tend to your wounds properly. Especially if you're a woman.
  • Robo-Ky: It looks like your tactics are based on old data. Remember this: Humans don't stop evolving.
  • Johnny: A crime is a crime, even for a gentleman like you. Such power should be used properly!
  • May: This area isn't safe. Let me escort you to the exit.
  • Millia: Wh-Why do you say I held back? True, that wasn't my best, but it's the least any man would do.
  • Eddie: If your crimes continue to pile up, you will regret them one day. Repent before it's too late.
  • Dizzy: You're getting better at controlling your power. Good. Now if you could only hide your wings and tail...
  • Testament: If I had lost focus for even a moment, I'd have been seriously wounded. What a formidable foe...
  • Anji: That was a splendid performance, but my sword dance is just as good.
  • Baiken: I've never seen your technique...You rarely gave me a chance to attack. I'm truly impressed.
  • Slayer: If you are truly of noble char--Huh. H-He walked off laughing...I wonder if I really won.
  • Venom: Purify your sins and let your conscience be your guide. Someone will accept you for who you are.
  • Jam: Um...You shouldn't kick so high. People's eyes tend to wand--! I'm sorry!
  • Bridget: It is also my duty to ensure the safety of those who put their lives on the line.
  • Zappa: It was just a hunch, but now I'm positive! Where did you buy the drugs? This is for your own good!
  • Faust: Those unusual attacks...Have I met you somewhere before?
  • Chipp: You're the fastest person I've ever seen. It took me a while to get used to the speed.
  • Potemkin: If you were unbound, it would've been a tough fight. Let's strive to be honorable public servants.
  • Axl: Regardless of the outcome, we still shake hands afterward. That's the kind of friendship I want to keep.
  • I-no: I didn't feel a hint of remorse in your eyes. You may be a woman, but I couldn't afford to go easy on you.
  • Kliff: Thank you for the match. Your swordsmanship is wonderful.
  • Justice: ...So this is Justice, the source of all our woe. What sorrowful eyes.

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