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Ky Kiske's Command List.


Punch - Punch
Kick - Kick
Slash - Slash
Heavy Slash - Heavy Slash
Dust - Dust
Respect - Respect

Notes on moveset:

  • Right + Punch has had a new animation ever since GGX (from an uppercut to an elbow bash). Old GG animation for the move often appears in some of Ky's EX Modes, such as his GG mode in the X games.
  • Standing Heavy Slash has been changed in many ways:
    • Added since X and his old Heavy Slash is now Right + Heavy Slash.
    • New Heavy Slash since XX, while his old Heavy Slash is now EX Ky's Heavy Slash.
    • New Right + Heavy Slash added since Accent Core. Old Right + Heavy Slash is now EX Ky's.
    • Old Right + Heavy Slash is now Down-Right + Heavy Slash in Accent Core + R.
  • Stun Edge Level 3 Charge version is now Stun Edge: Charge Attack, ever since X. Heavy Slash version of normal Stun Edge is removed (where it flies faster), but added back in XX for EX Ky and some of Ky's other alternate versions.
  • Zwei Voltage Instant Kill replaced by Rising Force Instant Kill ever since X.
  • Stun Edge: Charge Attack's command was previously Down Down-Right Right + Heavy Slash. Command changed to Down Down-Right Right + Dust ever since Slash, and can now perform in midair. Stun Edge Heavy Slash version also has been re-added since Slash.
    • All Stun Edge moves as of Slash can be inputted as Right Down Down-Right Right as it would overlap with Vapor Thrust.
  • Sacred Edge added in since XX, as well as the ability to use Ride The Lightning in midair.
  • Needle Spike replaced by Stun Dipper ever since X; Needle Spike added to alternate versions of Ky, mainly GG and EX Ky (in EX Ky's case in the XX games, its animation is changed to be akin to Sol Badguy's Bandit Revolver and can also be done in midair).
  • Crescent Slash replaced by Greed Sever ever since XX; Crescent Slash added to alternate versions of Ky, mainly GG and EX Ky.
  • Lightning Javelin, Lightning Strike, Lightning Sphere, Stun Rays, and Charge Drive added in Accent Core.
  • Slash version of Lightning Javelin and Force Break Greed Sever (which uses his throw animation) added in Accent Core + R. Lightning Sphere command input and motion also changed from Down Down-Left Left + Dust to Left + Dust.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core + R

Following movelist applies to Ky Kiske as of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core + R:

Type Command Name
Special Down Down-Right Right + Slash or Heavy Slash (mid-air also) Stun Edge
Down Down-Right Right + Dust (mid-air also) Stun Edge: Charge Attack
Right Down Down-Right + Slash or Heavy Slash (mid-air also) Vapor Thrust
Slash or Heavy Slash during Vapor Thrust Lightning Javelin
Down Down-Right Right + Kick Stun Dipper
Down Down-Left Left + Kick Greed Sever
Down Down Down + Heavy Slash (Opponent must be downed) Lightning Strike
Personal Move Right + Punch N/A
Right + Kick N/A
Right + Heavy Slash N/A
Down-Right + Heavy Slash N/A
Force Break Left + Dust during Stun Edge Charge Attack on the ground Lightning Sphere
Left Right + Dust during Lightning Sphere (Counts as an Overdrive Attack) Charge Drive
Down Down-Left Left + Dust Greed Sever
Down Down-Left Left + Dust in mid-air Stun Rays
Overdrive Right Down-Right Down Down-Left Left Right + Heavy Slash (mid-air also) Ride The Lightning
Down Down-Right Right Down Down-Right Right + Punch Sacred Edge
Instant Kill Punch Kick Slash Heavy Slash > Down Down-Right Right Down Down-Right Right + Heavy Slash Rising Force

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