Johnny's Command List.

Punch - Punch
Kick - Kick
Slash - Slash
Heavy Slash - Heavy Slash
Dust - Dust
Respect - Respect
Type Command Name
Special Down Down-Right Right + Punch or Kick or Slash (Hold to delay) Mist Finer
Right or Right Right while delaying Mist Finer Zenshin (Advancing)
Left or Left Left while delaying Mist Finer Koutai (Retreat)
Heavy Slash while delaying Mist Finer Kamae Cancel (Stance Cancel)
Down Down-Right Right + Heavy Slash Glitter Is Gold
Down Down-Left Left + Heavy Slash Glitter Is Gold: Jouhoukou (Upper Direction)
Left Down-Left Down Down-Right Right + Heavy Slash in mid-air Ensenga (Swallow Drill Fang)
Down Down-Left Left + Punch Bacchus Sigh

Right Down Down-Right + Slash > Slash (Divine Blade)

Left Down Down-Left + Slash > Slash (Killer Joker)

Divine Blade/Killer Joker

Down Down-Right Right + Slash in mid-air (Divine Blade)

Down Down-Left Left + Slash in mid-air (Killer Joker)

Midair Divine Blade/Aerial Killer Joker
Personal Move Right + Punch N/A
Right + Kick N/A
Right + Heavy Slash N/A
Down-Right + Heavy Slash N/A
Force Break Down Down-Left Left + Dust (also while delaying Mist Finer) Jack Hound
Down Down-Right Right + Dust during Jack Hound (Counts as an Overdrive Attack) Jack Hound Return/Tsuika Nyuuryoku (Additional Input)
Overdrive Right Down-Right Down Down-Left Left Right + Heavy Slash Sore ga Ore no Na da. (That There is My Name.)
Down Down-Right Right Down Down-Right Right + Heavy Slash in mid-air Unchou no Iai (Cloud Peak's Re-sheath)
Instant Kill Punch Kick Slash Heavy Slash > Down Down-Right Right Down Down-Right Right + Heavy Slash Joker Trick

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