• Guilty Gear X

Arcade Quotes Edit

  • (Vs. Ky): Ohh... my body is numb... If only there were a nice guy out there to hold me...
  • (Vs. Axl): What a tease. It's not the size of your weapon that matters, it's how you use it.
  • (Vs. Jam): Come on, look at this body! You think you can copy me?!
  • (Vs. Chipp): You didn't REALLY want to fight with me, did you? Must be humiliating. What a pity.
  • (Vs. Baiken): So much defense. How boring! You look kinda old, too.
  • (Vs. Venom): You idiot, that thing is supposed to be for recreation! Using a ball is the same as using a rock, you cheater!!
  • (Vs. May): Gosh, you're just a kid! Why don't you go home to mommy?
  • (Vs. Potemkin): All that muscle... what a waste! Is your brain all muscle too? Dumbass.
  • (Vs. Testament): Aww, are you alright? I didn't mess up your pretty face, did I?
  • (Vs. Dizzy): Just beat it, will ya? I'm starting to feel sorry for ya.

Guilty Gear XX Edit

Arcade Quotes Edit

  • (Vs. Bridget): That smell... Hey, you're a guy, aren't you! Come back and visit me in five years, kid.
  • (Vs. Baiken): So much defense. How boring! You look kinda old, too.
  • (Vs. Robo-Ky): Aiyahh! Do you always bleed oil like that? No wonder you're so flammable...
  • (Vs. Sol-Badguy): That was close! Your style is simple, but your power is overwhelming! Whew...
  • (Vs. Axl): What a tease. It's not the size of your weapon that matters, it's how you use it.
  • (Vs. Zappa): Ack! It's an alien! ....Hmm, actually you're pretty good-looking. Too bad your style is whacked.
  • (Vs. Venom): That's a toy you've got there! And those balls are like stones, you big cheater!
  • (Vs. Chipp): It was kinda pathetic to see you try to carry on against me. Must be humiliating. What a pity!
  • (Vs. Ky): Oooh... I think I hurt myself! Are there any hot men around who want to carry me away?

Guilty Gear XX Λccent Core Plus Edit

Arcade Quotes Edit

  • (Vs. A.B.A.): Your complexion is terrible! Blood transfusion pack? My food's much better for your health.
  • (Vs. Sol-Badguy): Your attacks are simple, but their power is overwhelming. That was close...
  • (Vs. Zappa): I-It's another alien! ...Huh. You're kind cute, but why do you do that to yourself? What a waste.
  • (Vs. May): Aiya. Even a kid like you is in this event? You should learn your limits.
  • (Vs. Eddie): You're a weakling who relies on bluffs. What a loser.

Guilty Gear Xrd Edit

Battle Quotes Edit

  • (Intro): Still not enough.
    • Time to make some money!
  • (Intro): Keep your ideas and ceiling high...
    • Jam Kuradoberi, restarting!
  • (Intro): I know you... you have bounty!
    • I no hold back, even for kids!
  • (Intro): You start again from food cart.
    • If I win, you work under me!
  • (Outro): You very weak...
    • Remember, a balanced diet!
  • (Outro): Now, you work for me!
    • I give you this one special. On the house!
  • (Outro): Maybe I do too much.
    • This make you more energy, ok?
  • (After getting hit by Elphelt's Instant Kill): Cute girl maybe okay, too.
  • (After getting hit by Elphelt's Instant Kill): Delicious looking meat bun...
  • (After getting hit by Elphelt's Instant Kill): I'm okay if you're okay.
  • (After getting hit by Sin's Instant Kill): Hey! You come work for my restaurant!
  • (After getting hit by Sin's Instant Kill): Yes, you hug me harder.
  • (After getting hit by Sin's Instant Kill): I no let you go!
  • (After getting hit by May's Instant Kill): What a handsome man... huh!?
    • No, you kids no play with fire! Now, I'll give you sachima, so you listen to me right now. Y-You ignore me!? Wh- -
  • (After getting hit by May's Instant Kill): The lights are out agai... oh?
    • Important person say you must enjoy everything in life... but that no true! This isn't time for you to be having fun...
  • (After getting hit by May's Instant Kill): Don't you dare dine and das... wha-?
    • I no member of performance troupe! And this isn't even on menu! What will happen to all my customer if I die- -
  • (After getting hit by Venom's Instant Kill): I no have idea...
  • (After getting hit by Faust's Instant Kill): I sue you...
  • (After getting hit by Faust's Instant Kill): Boys no like your face.
  • (After getting hit by Faust's Instant Kill): Power with no compassion...
  • (After getting hit by Bedman's Instant Kill): A black umbrella...? What are you doing here? 
  • (After getting hit by Bedman's Instant Kill): You no admit you no have money!
  • (After getting hit by Bedman's Instant Kill): The dragon is still alive. Our dinner!

Instant Kill Quotes Edit

  • (After the Destroyed appeared): Done and done!
  • (After the Destroyed appeared): I'll move the lid over!
  • (After the Destroyed appeared): Passed the first interview!
  • (After the Destroyed appeared): I have no dishboy!

Winning Quotes Edit

  • (Vs. Sol): You make fire too strong! If you can't control heat, you burn yourself, you know that?
  • (Vs. Ky): There is no finish line for cooking world. Only beginning. Same as when you find nice woman. You learn about her then find nicer women. So... there is nicer woman right here, you know?
  • (Vs. Ramlethal): Everything is good but only in moderation. If you show too much skin like you, then guys lose appreciation.
  • (Vs. May): You... your ki flow is weird. You go see doctor before I turn you in for monies.
  • (Vs. Zato-1): If you no care about battle. Then you lose already!
  • (Vs. Venom): Aiya! You wait right there! Now push aside that hair covering your face... Ahhh! Y-You... you work at my restaurant, ok?
  • (Vs. Millia): Shut up! You say "slow, slow, slow, slow" so much!
  • (Vs. Chipp): To master cooking is to master life. It is a veeery big scale. You can play ninja as much as you want, but you never beat me.
  • (Vs. Axl): You know story about man who baaaad at selling? You no talk too much before fight, okay?
  • (Vs. Potemkin): You train too much. Like stir-fry dish with no veggies. That is like E-class gourmet. Very veeeeery bad.
  • (Vs. Slayer): Your diet is very unbalance, I made you garlic soup, so you wait right here. Wha-!? Why you run away!?
  • (Vs. I-No): You rely too much on sex appeal. That no last forever. You eat healthy now and invest in good skin. Ok?
  • (Vs. Faust): My beliefs not too different from yours... "anything goes." But I never want to stop being human.
  • (Vs. Leo): Oh, I love money... but more than money, I like pretty pretty. I no care if you king... your face is no good. You know?
  • (Vs. Dizzy): How many pet you have!? Your Engel's coefficient must be really big. What percent? How much you eat?
  • (Vs. Bedman): What... is wrong with your flow of ki...? You merge with the the "path" world...?
  • (Vs. Sin): You have very good basics. I like... If you find good chef to prepare you perfectly, you will be even better man. I good chef! Very good chef!
  • (Vs. Elphelt): You hide your boobs more! You make me nervous!
  • (Vs. Johnny): I thought you wear glasses because you world-class gambler... but your whole face point at my leg... You too easy.
  • (Vs. Jack-O): You too many friends! More not always better... cooking and fighting, not all about the more more more!
  • (Vs. Jam): The heavens gave me much more than a single talent. You think you can copy all of 'em?
  • (Vs. Raven): I don't like introvert. I don't like perverts even more!
  • (Vs. Kum Haehyun): I can't read your ki... No fair.
  • (Vs. Baiken): Too much fire and you will burn cooking! Once burn is on pan, then very hard to clean off. No one benefit from burnt food. No chef, no ingredient, no cooking, no tools and no customers. No one! Your 'ki' is like too strong flame.
  • (Vs. Answer): First you take off that scarf thing. Whether I finish you or take care of you depend on what's underneath.