Guilty Gear XX in N.Y Vocal Edition is the tenth album released from Guilty Gear series.

Track ListEdit

  1. "Noontide" (Sol VS Ky)
  2. "Make Oneself" (Axl's Theme)
  3. "Suck A Sage" (Chipp's Theme)
  4. "The Original" (Faust's Theme)
  5. "Haven't You Got Eyes In Your Head?" (Slayer's Theme)
  6. "風雅" (Fūga - Anji's Theme)

  1. "Awe Of She" (Dizzy's Theme)
  2. "Babel Nose" (Jam's Theme)
  3. "A Solitude That Asks Nothing In Return" (Venom's Theme)
  4. "The Midnight Carnival" (Last Battle)
  5. "Good Manners And Customs" (Zappa's Theme)
  6. "Simple Life" (Bridget's Theme)


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