Guilty Gear XX in LA Vocal Edition is the tenth album released from Guilty Gear XX.

Track ListEdit

  1. "Keep Yourself Alive II" (Sol's Theme)
  2. "Blue Water Blue Sky" (May's Theme)
  3. "Burly Heart" (Potemkin's Theme)
  4. "Writhe In Pain" (Millia's Theme)
  5. "Feel A Fear" (Eddie's Theme)
  6. "Existence" (Vs Assassin Theme)
  7. "Momentary Life" (Baiken's Theme)
  8. "Liquor Bar & Drunkard" (Johnny's Theme)
  9. "Holy Orders (Be Just Or Be Dead)" (Ky's Theme)
  10. "Bloodstained Lineage" (Testament's Theme)
  11. "影祭り" (Kagematsuri - I-No's Theme)
  12. "Nothing Out Of The Ordinary" (Same Character)


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