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Guilty Gear XX Original Soundtrack is the fifth album released from Guilty Gear XX.

Track List

Disc One

  1. "Feedback"
  2. "Noontide"
  3. "Keep Yourself Alive II"
  4. "Holy Orders (Be Just Or Be Dead)"
  5. "Blue Water Blue Sky"
  6. "Writhe In Pain"
  7. "Feel A Fear"
  8. "Burly Heart"
  9. "Suck A Sage"
  10. "The Original"
  11. "Make Oneself"
  12. "Momentary Life"
  13. "風雅" (Fūga)
  14. "A Solitude That Asks Nothing In Return"
  15. "Liquor Bar & Drunkard"
  16. "Babel Nose"
  17. "Bloodstained Lineage"

Disc Two

  1. "Awe of She"
  2. "Simple Life"
  3. "Haven't You Got Eyes In Your Head?"
  4. "Good Manners And Customs"
  5. "陰祭り" (Kagematsuri)
  6. "Nothing Out Of the Ordinary"
  7. "Existence"
  8. "The Midnight Carnival"
  9. "Till Next Time"
  10. "Boom Town Blues"
  11. "Missing..."
  12. "D.O.A."
  13. "VS"
  14. "Go For It!"
  15. "Game Over"
  16. "Pride And Glory"
  17. "Meet Again"
  18. "Primal Light"
  19. "Calm Passion"
  20. "Walk In The Dusk"


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