Guilty Gear Dust Strikers (ギルティギア ダストストライカーズ, Giruti Gia Dasuto Sutoraikāzu)​, or Guilty Gear DS, is a fighting game of the Guilty Gear series for the Nintendo DS and the 10th installment of the series. It is modeled after Guilty Gear Isuka, and also allows for four player fights. It was the first versus fighting game for the Nintendo DS to be released outside of Japan.

Guilty Gear Dust Strikers is also the first Guilty Gear game so far to have mini-games, ranging from the Balance Game where you have to help a chibi Jam balance the falling items with her plate, to Venom's Billiards, which pits the player and his/her opponent in a pool-style game. The boss of the game's Story and Arcade modes is Gig, an immense insect-like monster with an angel attached to its bottom half that doesn't have many details. The game has 21 playable characters in all, but only twenty story modes, as Robo-Ky has no story mode.









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