Gig is the final boss of Guilty Gear Dust Strikers, a massive insect-like creature with an angelic figure emerging from his tail. An undetailed and unusual character, he is known to be a Gear of some sort, referred to as a male despite the female figure attached to him, and appears to be acting against his own will.


Gig's origins are mostly unknown, but according to the Guilty Gear 10th Memorial Guide, Gig was created by That Man, half its body being a failed Gear, the other half being that of a human woman, hinting that he may be an Ancient Gear, similar to Leopaldon's Gear. It also states that its mental reasoning has collapsed. At the end of Dizzy's Story Mode, she refers to him as someone "like her", while in Sol's story, it seems that he was his target. When hit, he changes his form into a sphere-like egg-shaped object.


Unlike the other characters in Dust Strikers, Gig does not fight traditionally, but rather floats up and down firing projectiles, requiring only the basic knowledge of blocking to defeat with ease. And, not to mention, his weak point is the figure emerging from his tail. This, coupled with the fact that he has no story of his own and is scarcely animated at all makes him a rather unpopular character.