The following is a list of quotes used by Faust.

Battle QuotesEdit

Guilty Gear Xrd Edit

  • "Too bad!"
  • "Wrong!"
  • "Close"
  • "What do we get?!"
  • "I'm the best!"
  • "You're doing well."
  • "I'll just billed you."
  • "Die!" (against Zato-1/Eddie)
  • "Ladies and Gentlemen, your attention please!"
  • "Please, have a sit."
  • "Let the operation begin!"
  • "I'm here next week."
  • "Just leave it."
  • "Your prescription!" (against Zato-1/Eddie)
  • "I'm not done carving you up!" (against Zato-1/Eddie)
  • "Be careful."
  • "See you next week."
  • "This one is in the house."
  • "Am I... beautiful?"
  • "What's the deal with hospital food?"
  • "Yes! Here we are!"
  • "Hmm, not bad. Well done, doctor!"
  • "My next patient is waiting!"
  • "I hope to see you again!"
  • "I bid you adieu!"
  • "Ohhhh... dear."
  • "Farewell and well done!"
  • "This treatment seems untested!" (Sin's Instant Kill)
  • "Somebody call a... wait, i AM a doctor!" (Sin's Instant Kill)
  • "Paradise in shame!" (Faust's Fist of Annihilation)
  • "MY G-SPOT!!!" (Faust's Fists of Annihilation)
  • "Is this some kind of treatment?" (Potemkin's Instant Kill)
  • "Oh no. Can't move." (Potemkin's Instant Kill)
  • "Three second kill!"
  • "Prepare yourself!"
  • "Injecting love!"
  • "Viva Me!"
  • "Dot... Dot... Dot..."

Battle Introduction Edit

  • (Intro):
    • We must operate now! Do not worry - I don't need your insurance!
    • You should have come sooner! Stop whining. Let`s change... well... everything!
    • This is rather urgent. Let us hurry. Let`s begin!
    • (vs. Zato-1) I know everything about you, Zato-1... You don`t get anesthesia!
  • (Outro):
    • I hope see you again!
    • My next patient is waiting!
    • I bid you adieu!
    • (vs. Zato-1) I won`t be killing you... this time.

Attacks Edit

  • 「私最高!」 (I'm the best!)
  • 「ヴィヴァ私!」 (Viva me!)
  • 「懺悔パンチ!」 (Atonement Punch!)
  • 「ぼいん~~!」 (Boing~!)

Special Attacks Edit

  • 「おいっす!」 (Hello!)
  • 「声が小さい!」 (Speak up!)
  • 「もういっちょう!」 (Once more!)
  • 「おいーっす!」 (Hello!!)
  • 「何が出るかな?」 (What's coming out?)
  • 「いってきます!」 (I'm going out!)
  • 「ただいま!」 (I'm home!)
  • 「さらば!」 (Farewell!)
  • 「あれ?ここどこだ?」 (Eh? Where is this?)
  • 「呼ばれて...」
  • 「飛び出て!!」
  • 「行かせてあげましょう!」 (Let me at it!)
  • 「愛を受け取って!」 (Take my love!)
  • 「幸せをあなたに.」 (I give you happiness.)
  • 「伏せろッ!」 (Duck!)
  • 「100円だッ!」 (A 100 yen! / A dollar!)
  • 「頭!」 (Head!)
  • 「HEADING!!」
  • 「そして花!」 (...and a flower!)
  • 「花を踏まないでね。」 (Don't step on the flower)

Receiving Damage Edit

  • 「いやっ...!」 (No!)
  • 「ダメぇ!」 (Don't!)
  • 「刺激的!」 (Stimulating!)
  • 「強烈」 (Intense!)

Guard Edit

  • 「苛めカッコ悪!」 (Bullying isn't cool!)
  • 「あいやっ!」 (Aiyahh!)

Recovery Edit

  • 「なにすんのさ?」 (What are you doing?)
  • 「死ぬかと思った!」 (Thought I was gonna die!)
  • 「ひらり!」 (An opening!)

Overdrive Edit

  • 「なーなーなー何が出るかな?」 (W-w-w-what's coming out?)
  • 「切開します!」 (Making incision!)
  • 「残念!」 (Too bad!)
  • 「惜しいっ!」 (A pity!)
  • 「はずれ!」 (Wrong!)
  • 「あれ?見えてる?」 (Eh? you can see it?)
  • 「正解!」 (Right!)
  • 「覚悟おしっ!」 (Prepare yourself!)
  • 「三秒殺し!」 (Three second kill!)
  • 「ラブ注入❤︎!」 (Injecting love!)
  • 「死ねえええっ!」 (Die!)

Round Win Edit

  • 「直ったらさっさと出て行け!」 (Feeling better? now get out!)
  • 「ダメだこりゃ...」 (This is not good)

Round Lose Edit

  • 「呪っちゃる!!!」 (Curse you!!)
  • 「あーれ~~?」 (wha~~at?)
  • 「また来週~!」 (Until next week~!)
  • 「自尊心爆発!」 (My self esteem just exploded!)

Instant Kills Edit

  • (After defeating any other character through Instant Kill):
    • This time it`s on the house.
    • Just leave it.
    • Be careful.
    • I`m here next week.
    • Please, have a seat.
    • (vs. Zato-1) I`m not done carving you up!
  • (After getting hit by Faust's Instant Kill):
    • Hm, not bad. Well done, Doctor!
    • What`s the point of my paper bag?!
    • Am I... beautiful?
  • (After getting hit by Elphelt's Instant Kill):
    • I`m seeing a rapid increase in pulse!
    • I only have eyes for You! Er, eye...
    • This is bad medicine indeed!
  • (After getting hit by Bedman's Instant Kill):
    • This can`t be happening! The patient was just stable!
    • I`m sorry! I`m sorry! I`m sorry! Please, forgive me!
    • A-A hair growth supplement... No, perhaps a viral treatment!
  • (After getting hit by Sin's Instant Kill):
    • Someone call a doc... oh, that`s me!
    • This treatment seems untested!

Arcade Quotes Edit

  • Hmm... I see, I see. Of course! Ah, every man needs a best friend. Finaly, I can uncover the truth behind my greatest failure... A long and windy road it was... but perhaps my days as a back-alley doctor are through. Of course, the sins I`ve committed since then can hardly be wiped away, but... I suppose i do owe the vampiric gentelman a complimentary dental checkup or two. Could you show me the way?
  • Slayer: I`m glad to see you`ve come - and promptly at that.
    Faust: No-no, I must thank you for the invitation. Though if don`t mind, I`d like to cut to the chase.
    Slayer: Very well, but might we have a short aperitif first?
    Faust: Not exactly what i had in mind... But i can humor you.
  • Slayer: I apologize for asking you to entertain an old man... Now, as to the reason you`ve come. As i said in my letter, your malpractice incident was almost certainly staged by the Conclave.
    Faust: But i don`t understand. Why would they?
    Slayer: They details are beyond me. Any more would be speculation. What I do know is that the man responsible for your fall, Zato-ONE, is quarantined in one of the Conclave`s underground laboratories.
    Faust: What?! I heard he had shuffled from his mortal coil...
    Slayer: Then perhaps you should see for yourself.
    Faust: But of corse. Thank you very much. And if I may be so bold... Perhaps consider a different pastime.
    Slayer: Duly noted. Godspeed.
  • Faust: Zato-ONE... I can`t believe it... Alive after all?
    Zato-ONE: You? So many guests today. If you`ve come this far, I can guess what has brought you: Your "mistake"... and the conspiracy behind it.
    Faust: Thank goodness we`re on same page. To be quite frank... I confess I feel a powerful urge to slaughter you, as the man responsible for ruining my life.
    Zato-ONE: All too understandable. Please, feel free.
  • Zato-ONE: Kill me if you wish. You have every right to... And so I am sorry to ask, but could you, perhaps, give me some time before you do?
    Faust: "Sorry"?! Silence! If you would apologize, apologize to that girl and her family!.. Forgive me, I`m afraid I`ve lost control.
  • Zato-ONE: You see... You proposed an unauthorized procedure... to save a young girl`s life. But you were denied... repeatedly. Resurrection. Your procedure held the secret. The secret of returning a once-dead human body to life.
    Faust: I don`t see what the problem was with that.
    Zato-ONE: The Conclave needed those secrets to remain secret, or their plans would be irreparably compromised. However... You shose to perform the procedure anyway, in defiance of their orders. They asked me to see you were taken care of. I myself only discovered the truth behind these lies very recently.
    Faust: Such foolishness! Have they gone mad? Just what is the Conclave trying to accomplish with all of this?
    Zato-ONE: To start a war. A global conflict. A war to create a whole new world.

System Voice Edit

Guilty Gear Xrd Edit

  • "Next patient, please?"
  • "Next is Faust-- the patient has the same name as me!" (When selecting Faust)
  • "Mr. Badguy, the doctor will see you now!" (When selecting Sol Badguy)
  • "Mr. Sin Kiske, the doctor will see you now!" (When selecting Sin Kiske)
  • "Mr. Kiske-Jr., the doctor will see you now!" (When selecting Ky Kiske)
  • "Ms. Dizzy, the doctor will see you now!" (When selecting Dizzy)
  • "Ms. Jack-O Valentine, the doctor will see you now!" (When selecting Jack-O)
  • "Ms. Ramlethal Valentine, the doctor will see you now!" (When selecting Ramlethal)
  • "Ms. Elphelt Valentine, the doctor will see you now!" (When selecting Elphelt)
  • "Ms. Rage, the doctor will see you now!" (When selecting Millia Rage)
  • "Mr. Slayer, the doctor will see you now!" (When selecting Slayer)
  • "Mr. Venom, the doctor will see you now!" (When selecting Venom)
  • "Mr. Zato... Please, step into the morgue." (When selecting Zato-1)
  • "Mr. Raven... Please, step into the Intensive Care." (When selecting Raven)
  • "Ms. I-No, the doctor will see you now!" (When selecting I-No)
  • "Mr. Low, the doctor will see you now!" (When selecting Axl Low)
  • "Mr. Johnny, the doctor will see you now!" (When selecting Johnny)
  • "Ms. May, the doctor will see you now!" (When selecting May)
  • "Ms. Kuradoberi, the doctor will see you now!" (When selecting Jam Kuradobery)
  • "Ms. Baiken, the doctor will see you now!" (When selecting Baiken)
  • "Mr. Answer, the doctor will see you now!" (When selecting Answer)
  • "Mr. Zanuff, the doctor will see you now!" (When selecting Chipp Zanuff)
  • "Mr. Potemkin, the doctor will see you now!" (When selecting Potemkin)
  • "Mr. Whitefang, the doctor will see you now!" (When selecting Leo Whitefang)
  • "Mr. Bedman, the doctor will see you now!" (When selecting Bedman)
  • "Ms. Haehyun, the doctor will see you now!" (When selecting Kum Haehyun)
  • "Me!" (Faust)
  • "Sol!"
  • "Ky!"
  • "Sin!"
  • "Dizzy!"
  • "Jack-O"
  • "Ramlethal!"
  • "Elphelt!"
  • "Millia!"
  • "Slayer!"
  • "Venom!"
  • "Zato!"
  • "Raven!"
  • "I-No!"
  • "Axl!"
  • "Johnny!"
  • "May!"
  • "Jam!"
  • "Baiken!"
  • "Answer!"
  • "Chipp!"
  • "Potemkin!"
  • "Leo!"
  • "Bedman!"
  • "Kum!"
  • "Against..."
  • "Let's see what we have today!"
  • "Counter!"
  • "...Wins!"
  • "...Loses!"
  • "Slash!"
  • "Looks like your time's up." (Time Up)

Winning Quotes

  • (Vs. Faust): Your imitation was flawless! Even my victory just felt like luck, but... I have to ask: what do you gain from doing all this?
  • (Vs. Sol): Your body appears to have begun a sudden change. You should let me have a look before it`s too late for treatment.
  • (Vs. Ky): The true path is a path made by someone. If you can`t find your answer on someone else`s, why not make your own?
  • (Vs. Sin):
  • (Vs. Dizzy):
  • (Vs. Ramlethal):
  • (Vs. Elphelt):
  • (Vs. Jack-O):
  • (Vs. May): The human body is impressive, but it has limits. Your strength is somewhat abnormal, isn`t it?
  • (Vs. Johnny):
  • (Vs. Chipp):
  • (Vs. Answer): Umm... Hmm... I can`t seem to get your business card of my head. Quite literally... You see this? See??? This is hardly the way you`re supposed to use these things, but if that`s the game you wish to play, then... I`ll just have to give you mine in return.
  • (Vs. Baiken): Wielding your blade for vengence is like swinging at mist. Only when you realize how pointless it is will you be able to stop. I know that well.
  • (Vs. Millia):
  • (Vs. Slayer): You may be a vampire, but biologically speaking you`re not that different from a human. Too many weak points to count...
  • (Vs. Venom):
  • (Vs. Zato-1): Get out of my sight. If you don`t we may both die.
  • (Vs. Raven):
  • (Vs. I-No):
  • (Vs. Axl): Medical science cannot cure your condition. More specificaly, even my skills can`t help you. What... are you?
  • (Vs. Jam):
  • (Vs. Leo):
  • (Vs. Potemkin): You may appear overwhelming, but in fact your restraints keep you contained... I`m glad we finished this before you released them.
  • (Vs. Bedman): They say children who sleep well grow up healthy, but that doesn`t mean children who don`t sleep aren`t healthy. Hm... what is it that makes you look like - ah, your brain.
  • (Vs. Kum):