Guilty Gear X PlusEdit

Guilty Gear XX Edit

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus Edit

Guilty Gear Xrd Edit

Battle Quotes Edit

  • (Intro): I will fight, too... For my family.
  • (Intro): I need to understand it...
  • (Intro): I'm afraid because I don't know...
  • (Outro): Thanks. I'm alright.
  • (Outro): Yup! Good work.
  • (Outro): It's all over now.
  • (After getting hit by Elphelt's Instant Kill): I'm sorry, I can't!
  • (After getting hit by Elphelt's Instant Kill): I- I have a son...
  • (After getting hit by Elphelt's Instant Kill): I'm married!
  • (After getting hit by Sin's Instant Kill): No, you mustn't use violence!
  • (After getting hit by Sin's Instant Kill): Your mother is doing fine!
  • (After getting hit by Sin's Instant Kill): I hope you don't do this to your friends!
  • (After getting hit by May's Instant Kill): Gosh, I need to fetch the laundr- - Oh?
    • Stop this, May! ...Not you, too, April! I thought you outgrew this childish behavior!
  • (After getting hit by May's Instant Kill): It's so dark already... I need to cook dinn... Wha?
    • D-Does this cannon mean that... the legendary punishment really exists...?
  • (After getting hit by May's Instant Kill): ...Oh no, did I fall asleep agai- - Huh!?
    • A-Are you cetain you've kept this cannon well maintained? Is this dust I see? Soot!? Wait, you're actually going to use this! Oh no, I'm scared!
  • (After getting hit by Venom's Instant Kill): What just happened...?
  • (After getting hit by Faust's Instant Kill): I've never tried on make-up before.
  • (After getting hit by Faust's Instant Kill): Oh! This is really cute.
  • (After getting hit by Faust's Instant Kill): I feel so grown-up...
  • (After getting hit by Bedman's Instant Kill): Do Gears not have a choice to live...?
  • (After getting hit by Bedman's Instant Kill): Y-You mean a quiche isn't... a dessert?
  • (After getting hit by Bedman's Instant Kill): I have no intention of hurting you!

Instant Kill Quotes Edit

  • (After the Surrendered appeared): I'm still... weak.
  • (After the Surrendered appeared): Was I the one... who was saved?
  • (After the Surrendered appeared): I mustn't...fear...!
  • (After the Surrendered appeared): This is nothing but revenge...

Winning Quotes Edit

  • (Vs. Sol): You and I are no longer alone. Please, stand beside me... Help me keep the others from creating new enemies.
  • (Vs. Ky): The future must be imagined... I'm no longer afraid.
  • (Vs. May): See? I'm stronger, right? Even I can tell...
  • (Vs. Millia): Such a powerful gaze... I suppose that's why your feelings will reach him.
  • (Vs. Zato-1): Jacaranda will adorn Summer's arrival. Is it a message? Or a celebration... The words, you must choose.
  • (Vs. Chipp): Now, I understand. You fight to exist. That is why I can also win my battles.
  • (Vs. Potemkin): If you feel you have been defeated, then I fear I must bear this loss. I do not fight to win.
  • (Vs. Faust): A weak mind can topple the greatest power. I will never lose again.
  • (Vs. Venom): Such terrifying eyes... You mustn't bring sorrow to the battlefield.
  • (Vs. Slayer): I still do not like fighting! But, I understand the world is built upon a foundation of differences... If I can accept your way of life, it too will be a source of my encouragement.
  • (Vs. Axl): When you turn around at a dead end... the path that lays before you is not the path forward.
  • (Vs. I-No): I see embers within you... Embers you refuse to bring to life. Have you forgotten the joys of being close with someone...?
  • (Vs. Bedman): Sometimes, the end may justify the means. But, I cannot turn a blind eye to the world in which we now live.
  • (Vs. Sin): I'm doubling your homework...
  • (Vs. Ramlethal): You... are extremely strong.
  • (Vs. Elphelt): Don't seek someone who's only looking at you. You must search for someone who looks in the same direction as you do.
  • (Vs. Leo): Oh no, what should I do...? I knocked out the king...
  • (Vs. Johnny): Are you eating your veggies? Do I need to go back to cook for you?
  • (Vs. Jack-O): This scent is very... nostalgic.
  • (Vs. Jam): I'm sorry! But, I'm no longer a wanted person.
  • (Vs. Kum): If you hold on too tight to protect something... you won't be able to extend your hand to tomorrow. Leaning on someone will loosen that grasp.
  • (Vs. Raven): If someone has a hard time seeing the world, they try on a different pair of glasses. I'll help you until you find one that fits.
  • (Vs. Dizzy): I don't think dressing that way will benefit you...
  • (Vs. Baiken): I will always fight you with all my strength. If only because seeing you look so sad feels so wrong!
  • (Vs. Answer): You're so methodical, you've even printed your name and address on all your papers! Whoever finds one can easily send it back to you. Now, shall we pick them all up?

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