Battle Quotes Edit

  • (Intro): How is the progress on your end? Oh? Me?
    • I would hardly call that an obstacle.
  • (Intro): Please, I'm the one who should be thanking you. You're taking good care of us.
  • (Intro):
  • (Outro): If you'll excuse me, I'm busier than I look...
    • As it happened, I had some time on my hands, as well.
  • (Outro): I've seen through all your moves...
    • Yes? Hm? I missed something? I'm terribly sorry.
  • (Outro):
  • (After getting hit by Elphelt's Instant Kill): The pleasure is mine...
  • (After getting hit by Elphelt's Instant Kill): I'm all ears.
  • (After getting hit by Elphelt's Instant Kill): I must refrain at this time...
  • (After getting hit by Sin's Instant Kill): Would you mind if I called you back!?
  • (After getting hit by Sin's Instant Kill): I-I'm getting a lot of static!
  • (After getting hit by Sin's Instant Kill): Sorry, it's rather loud here!
  • (After getting hit by May's Instant Kill): Ha ha, I'm terribly sorry about that...
    • I'm terribly sorry, but I'm afraid that this is the one issue on which I cannot budge. It may very well be the last thing that I...!
  • (After getting hit by May's Instant Kill): Ahh, I was really looking forward to this, however...
    • I really appreciate the call, but due to some urgent matters to which I must attend immediately. I'm afraid I will have to postpone our meeting to a different date!!
  • (After getting hit by May's Instant Kill): Yes, about that matter...
    • It appears I will be unable to participate due to a scheduling conflict. Absolutely, next time, we shall. I will be looking forward to hearing from you again!
  • (After getting hit by Venom's Instant Kill): Yes. This is quite troubling, isn't it...
  • (After getting hit by Faust's Instant Kill): Revolution seems to be our only option.
  • (After getting hit by Faust's Instant Kill): Does it taste like mother made it?
  • (After getting hit by Faust's Instant Kill): This will be a costly contract...
  • (After getting hit by Bedman's Instant Kill): How can one provide for their family without a little stealing!?
  • (After getting hit by Bedman's Instant Kill): Who the hell set these prices!?
  • (After getting hit by Bedman's Instant Kill): You're going to price this ancient ukiyo-e?

Instant Kill Quotes Edit

  • (After the Destroyed appeared): Why, thank you very much.
  • (After the Destroyed appeared): Pardon me.
  • (After the Destroyed appeared): I will eagerly await your response.

Winning Quotes Edit

  • (Vs. Sol): Please rest assured. Our country's architecture is both durable and strong against the elements. Yes, yes... Wood is our primary material, so we are looking into fireproof methods aswell. Although I intend to personally extinguish every source of fire in sight.
  • (Vs. Ky): Indeed, the foundation for a virtuous country is its people. And what better way to ensure their virtuousness than through a prosperous living environment and good quality education? Please, there's no need to worry. I've just found some excellent talent.
  • (Vs. Ramlethal): Unless we accept our differences, we will be no different from isolationist dictators. Exclusivity and supremacy are not part of our ideals. Thusly, I must re-educate the stubborn...
  • (Vs. May): Of course, it is understandable for you to question a developing nation's cultural standards and morals. I am fully aware, yes. Which is why we are putting so much effort into our anti-crime campaign...
  • (Vs. Zato-1): Hmm... What do you think? Our country's mainstream religion is the Faith of Eight Million. The idea is, of course, freedom. N-No, it is absolutely not an indicator of our apathy or resignation to... Say that again, and I shall have your head. Ha ha!
  • (Vs. Venom): Our country is well balanced in both its arable land and its climate. I may even go so far as to say it is perfect for agriculture. Nevertheless, if diplomatic relations of old have taught as anything, due to the nature of comparitive advantage, it is predicted our decree of self-sufficiency and productivity will soon decrease. That said, we are quite confident in our entertainment industry. I have just now threat- -err, persuaded a specialist to join our efforts.
  • (Vs. Millia):
  • (Vs. Chipp):
  • (Vs. Axel):
  • (Vs. Potemkin):
  • (Vs. Slayer):
  • (Vs. I-No):
  • (Vs. Faust):
  • (Vs. Leo):
  • (Vs. Dizzy):
  • (Vs. Bedman):
  • (Vs. Sin):
  • (Vs. Elphelt):
  • (Vs. Johnny):
  • (Vs. Jack-O):
  • (Vs. Jam):
  • (Vs. Raven):
  • (Vs. Kum Haehyun):
  • (Vs. Baiken):
  • (Vs. Answer):

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