Angra is the name of Millia Rage's Forbidden Beast. The other known beast is Eddie.


Millia obtained Angra at some point in time upon joining the Assassin's Guild. It is unknown what Millia sacrificed to have the beast on her hair.

Unlike Eddie, Angra didn't show individual action aside from what Millia commands. However, in Accent Core it began to control Millia and give her murderous thoughts. This alarmed Millia, and prompted her to do her unfinished business before Angra takes over her body, like what happened to her former lover, Zato-1. Faust will try to help Millia depending on the dialogue the player chooses, but in either, he fails to find a cure.


Angra strengthens Millia's hair enough for it to lift her and stab people. It also allows her to shape her hair into various forms, like flowers, a moon and a drill. Certain artworks and her double dash implies that Angra enables her short bursts of flight. In contrast to Eddie, who possesses a liquid-like constitution at certain times, Angra appears to be strictly solid.

References and AllusionsEdit

  • Angra is named after a power metal band of the same name.


  • When attacking, Millia's hair shines with golden lights.


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