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A Country
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A Country is an important nation in the history of Guilty Gear. It is assumed that A Country is formerly the United States of America. It's Sol's stage and his birthplace along with Johnny, Chipp and Dr. Paradigm.

A Country developed the Gear Project for the purpose of overwhelming other nations. For an unknown reason, the project halted for decades. Immediately after it was restarted the Crusades began with Justice's rebellion and the fate of the country was left in mystery.

It was assumed that the U.S.A. as a state got dissolved in the war, and this is apparent through the ruins in the stage. Even though bureaucracy exists, it is unknown if it was a continuity of the existing state or a new government.

In The Butterfly and Her Gale, a 17 year old Erica Bartholomew was elected into presidency. The Assassin's Guild tried use her as their puppet leader but she was able to secure an alliance with Zepp to prevent it from happening.

It is hinted that several Gear plants are located in A country, as in Dr. Paradigm was born in Ohio.


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